About Me

Martin Smith

I've been a photographer since I was a boy! I remember buying my first camera with 2 lenses from Dixons with my first months pay when I left school. It was completely manual, which, looking back, was probably the best way to learn. I love taking pictures. Capturing an image that tells a story is special - freezing a moment in time to look back on is exciting. Whether it's a wedding, a portrait or landscapes and wildlife, I an passionate about photography. 

Many years ago, I'd use a medium format camera and slide film to capture all the details of a landscape and print film for a wedding. Nowadays, digital cameras can do the same, just better! I have recently switched to FujiFim cameras and lenses and this has been one of the best things I've ever done. 

 I frequently run workshops to help others improve their skills and maybe even transfer some of my passion for photography. I think it's great when I hear of someone who's done one of my workshops, and find that they have been inspired to get out and take photos. If you'd like get in touch about a workshop, then just head over to my workshops' page for more information and my contact details.

Away from photography, I'm a qualified Project Manager (I often help couples plan their day as well as their photos!), a certified IT person (not quite a geek) and someone who loves being outdoors. I fish, fly RC aircraft, play golf (badly) and volunteer with the RSPB and Essex Wildlife.

I live in Goodmayes, Ilford with my very understanding wife and 2 fantastic children. We are actively involved with LifeLine Church as leaders.

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